Here is our pilates directory.

  • Pilates Method Alliance - An international not for profit organization focused on preserving the legacy of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. Includes membership information, details on this exercise form, member search, news, and annual conference information.

  • Pilates Class from Fitness Professional.org - A global directory of pilates instructors and classes.

  • Bodyventures Pilates - A pilates instructor in Maidenhead, UK.

  • About.com - Pilates - Essential information, sample exercises, FAQs, product reviews and articles on topics such as equipment and certification.
  • All About Pilates - On line guide to Pilates, the exercises, the equipment and the Pilates community.
  • Beyond the Movement: The Pilates Podcast - Podcast dedicated to providing insight and exploration into the body's awakening as you progress beyond the movement.
  • Easy Vigour - Instructions for using pilates for back pain relief. Sample exercises with illustrations.
  • Lifelong Pilates with Mary Bowen - Method "elder" describes her background, workshops offered at diverse locations, and studios in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Online sales of a video by Joe and Clara Pilates.
  • Michael Miller Pilates - This site offers information by way of on-line training courses, videos, and photos of the exercises plus Pilates databases.
  • Pilates Fitness Journal - Pilates Magazine online with articles and news about pilates information, exercises, methods, videos, and books.
  • Pilates Kingdom - Articles and illustrated sample exercises. Instructions for using pilates for arthritis rehabilitation.
  • Pilates on Tour - Provides continuing education workshops around the United States. Includes list of upcoming events, and details of instructors.
  • Pilates Pregnancy - Contains downloadable articles about the use of this method in the pre- and post-natal period.
  • Spine Health: Pilates - Article about the benefits for anybody with spinal problems, movements to avoid, and general advice.
  • Ultimate Pilates Guide - A comprehensive directory for the Pilates community listing studios, certification programs, workshops and equipment and product guides.
  • Yahoo Groups: Stott Pilates - A group for discussion and to support and encourage each other in this method of body conditioning.